FEDS: Fred’s Appliance Repair Chicago, MOORE Appliance repair

In the wake of the Feds’ decision to grant Freddie Mac permission to use the Chicago suburb of Chicago to test the effectiveness of its energy efficiency and environmental standards, some residents and businesses have been venturing out of their comfort zones.

Freddie Mac spokesman Paul Sizemore said Monday that the company plans to open its own stores and restaurants in the city.

“The Fred’s brand will continue to grow in the Chicago area, and we look forward to providing more services to our loyal customers and expanding our network of locations,” Sizelore said.

But some have expressed concern that the city could become a breeding ground for new fire and other fires.

Last week, Chicago Fire Chief Frank O’Connor said the city’s fire-safety experts will conduct a “fire and safety analysis” to evaluate whether it’s safe to reopen the stores.

Freddie’s owner Fred Meyer has been working to improve the citys energy efficiency standards since 2007.

He and his employees have installed solar panels on nearly all of the company’s buildings and facilities.

But in 2010, he stopped installing solar panels and decided to install solar panels throughout the city in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

A group of residents called for the company to return to its original goal of installing 50 percent of its buildings with solar energy.

In a letter to the city last week, Fred Meyer CEO Fred Meyer said the company has “successfully moved beyond the time of need to achieve the ambitious goal” of meeting the city standard.

The company is still “working diligently to meet the city and state requirements,” Meyer wrote.

According to Fred Meyer, the company is “committed to continuing to invest in energy efficiency, as well as to continuing its commitment to sustainability and to providing quality products and services for our customers.”

Meyer said the new energy efficiency goals “are a clear indication that we’re working to meet those requirements, not a sign of weakness.”