How to repair an iPad with a triangle antenna

A triangle antenna is a very popular method of repairing an iPad.

A triangle is a square antenna that is used for both directional and fixed-frequency radio.

If you need to fix an iPad using this method, here’s everything you need.


Find an antenna that works for you.

An iPad antenna is not an ideal antenna for an iPad repair, as it’s not designed to operate in the microwave frequency band.

That said, a triangle will work well for many types of repairs.

For example, a triangulator can be used for fixed-band applications, or a triangler can be placed at the edges of the iPad antenna.


Install the antenna on the iPad.

Use a piece of tape to mark the location of the antenna, and then tape the antenna over the center of the device, making sure that it’s flush with the iPad display.


Install a triangle.

To fix an iPhone, use a triangle as its antenna.

In this case, tape the triangle over the top of the screen, so that the antenna sits just below the bottom edge of the display.

(The triangle will fit over the iPad’s display if you use a 3.5mm audio jack.)


Reattach the antenna to the iPad using the tape.

If the antenna is too short, try reattaching it with a longer piece of wire.

(If you’re replacing an antenna, try using the cable that came with the device instead.)


Reinstall the antenna.

This will allow you to easily remove the antenna and replace it with the new one.

If all else fails, you can always buy a replacement triangle from your local electronics store.

If using a triangle antenna, you should not try to adjust the distance between the antenna tips.

It will only add noise to the signal.

To adjust the antenna’s distance, try changing the length of the triangle.