‘You can’t go home’: Two days after hurricane, car dealership closes shop amid hurricane damage

A car dealership in Miami-Dade County closed its doors on Friday after a hurricane damaged more than 100 vehicles.

The dealership, known as the B&H Car Sales in honor of former CEO Joe B. Hensley, said in a statement that it has “been impacted by a catastrophic hurricane and is taking every precaution to repair the vehicles damaged by the storm.”

“As a result, the dealership is closing its doors to all customers.

B&P will continue to provide assistance to our customers and all of our employees and suppliers,” the statement said.

The Miami-Herald reported that the dealership’s general manager and two sales representatives were among the injured.

Hanesley died Thursday after being killed when his Jeep Grand Cherokee flipped in front of him.

The Florida Highway Patrol said the Jeep had rolled into the street, where the driver lost control of the vehicle.

A spokeswoman said that the accident occurred near the Biltmore Resort, which has a large number of visitors.

In Florida, you can’t drive on state highways while you’re in a storm.

You need to stay home and wait for the rain to stop.

The National Weather Service said that Miami-area roads were “very icy and slippery” as of 4 p.m. local time.

A number of other cars were damaged in the storm, including two vans that were crushed by rocks, according to the Miami Herald.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.