Largest appliance repair firm in New York has closed over $500,000 worth of equipment

The largest appliance repair business in New Jersey has closed $500 million worth of gear due to poor maintenance, according to documents filed in a lawsuit by two people who claim they were left out of a $500-million-plus settlement for a power outage.

The owner of a Largeness appliance repair shop in Newark, the city that hosts the nation’s largest appliance manufacturing plant, told a court last week that it had sold equipment that it did not actually own and that the company had not provided the required documents.

The filing comes as the city’s power grid is at its weakest since 2013.

The filing, which does not include the names of those who lost their jobs, said Largess had not been paid for the equipment since January 1 and that its staff had not received any notice of the loss of equipment or any payment for its work.

It said Lescott was not responsible for repairs to equipment, including the equipment owned by Larges owner.

The firm was not immediately available for comment.

Largelys former owner, the company’s former CEO, said last week the business had been struggling since March 2016 and had had a hard time keeping up with a demand for repairs.

Lescotts former chairman and chief executive, John D. Dacotra, also said last Wednesday that the firm had been “struggling and struggling for the last year or so.”

The lawsuit seeks damages for the loss in work and for breach of contract.

Largess has operated for more than 100 years, and its customers include about 100 Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Postal Service and some of the world’s largest companies including Amazon, the National Football League’s New York Giants and United Airlines.

The firm has had several other locations, including one in Newark.

A lawyer for Largys, Richard Schaller, declined to comment on the lawsuit.