New crypto-currency startup gets a new venture to build a cloud-based appliance repair program

article Posted September 06, 2018 04:37:07 A new startup that aims to revolutionize appliance repair plans in the US has signed a contract with a large appliance repair firm.

Cone, which specializes in building and selling smart appliances, announced its acquisition of the appliance repair business in April of 2018.

The new business will serve as a platform to build and expand the company’s service offering.

According to the startup’s website, Cone will offer a broad range of services from building and repairing smart home appliances to building and installing new and used appliances.

Corneos appliance repair platform, which has raised $100,000 from venture capital firm Benchmark Ventures, has been working to build the platform since it launched in 2015.

Cneo-currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been widely used in the global marketplace for a variety of financial transactions, but the platform will be the first to use crypto-curries to provide services to the general public.

While the startup has received funding from Benchmark, its services are still in the early stages.

Canne’s product, a suite of products, is designed to help consumers make better, more informed appliance purchase decisions.

Cones website is also designed to highlight its business model and the platform it will be using.

Cane also announced on Thursday that it will offer an “emergency service” for a fee of $15 for a full-service service, or $10 for an extended service.

Ceneos customers will be able to contact Cone’s 24-hour call center, Cneo, for assistance in the event of a service disruption.

The service will also be available via text message or through the app.