How to replace a damaged or stolen PC

By default, most Windows computers have a built-in security feature known as “Backdoor” or “Backup” that prevents unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data.

When the feature is disabled, any data stored on the computer will not be deleted after the user closes the lid, but a new backup will be created and can be used to restore data lost when the computer was locked.

But even if your PC is locked, there’s still a good chance someone will break in and use your data to do something else.

Here’s how to disable the Backdoor and/or Backup feature.1.

Open a command prompt (type cmd and press enter).2.

Type the following command to delete the files and folders on your desktop and to rename them: mkdir /Volumes/1/Backup3.

Type this command to restore your files: rm /Volume/1Backup4.

Type these two commands to restore all files on your hard drive: cd /Volures/1Delete these files and directories: cd -R -f /VolUsername/BackUp5.

Type and press ENTER to delete your backup and reinstall it.

If your computer is locked out, it might not be possible to recover data.

If you want to restore deleted data to your hard drives, you need to use a different way.

This is the way to restore files and restore them.1: Open a Command Prompt (type “cmd” and press “enter”).2: Type the command: mkdtemp /Vol.1/backup3: Type this in the command prompt: mktemp /vol.1Back up all of your data and restore it: cd to the location of your backup.4: Type and hold down CTRL + P to copy the contents of your clipboard.5: Type, press enter and press the Enter key.6: Typeand pressenter.7: Typethe following command, and then pressenter:7-1-5-4-3-2-1 (1) Press Enter to close the Command Prompt window.7-3: You can now press CTRL + F10 to open a command window for your recovery options.

This window will display your recovery path and the contents you need for a restore.8: Typein the command window and press Enter.9: Type your recovery password in the password box.10: Typethis command, press Enter, and pressenter to begin the restore.

If you’ve tried to restore from backup, but the computer locks you out, you can try rebooting the computer to unlock the system again.

You will need to restart the computer for the system to re-open.