TV show returns to Emmy nominations for third time in three years

NEW YORK — A TV show starring Tom Cruise and a young female singer has been nominated for three Emmys for its second consecutive year.

The revival of the classic TV series, “The Office,” returns to the Emmy Awards for the third time this year, after winning for the second time in 2017.

The show is based on a 1984-1992 sitcom, and its characters, mostly women, are all from the office.

The show’s creators have been trying to win back viewers by highlighting their female characters, and this year’s nominations were an attempt to do just that.

In the past, the Emmys have handed out three Emlos each year for outstanding drama, comedy and family drama.

This year, the nominations were split among two shows, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and “The Lego Movie.”

The Emmys are hosting the second annual awards ceremony on Sunday.

The first season of “Office” was one of the most critically acclaimed TV series of the 2000s, but it didn’t win any Emmys.

The reboot, “Office Christmas Party,” was nominated for one of only two Emmys last year.

It stars James Corden, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Keegan-Michael Key.

The second season of the show, which ran for seven seasons from 2007 to 2015, won three Emoluments for Best TV Series and two Emolument nominations for Outstanding Original Program.

The first season won the Emmy for Outstanding Original Musical or Comedy, and the second won the Emolumenatory Special, which is nominated for Best Original Song and Best Original Score.

This is the second consecutive Emmy nominations by the Emlios.

In 2018, the show was nominated in two categories for Best Comedy Series and Outstanding Comedy Album for the soundtrack to “The Lion King.”

The Emmys on Sunday will be broadcast live on NBCUniversal Television.