When you have a problem with your appliance, do you call the company, get a replacement?

AUSTIN, Texas — Appliance repairs are so popular in the U.S. that there are hundreds of thousands of companies selling them, a nationwide survey says.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said more than 1,400 people were injured in incidents involving appliance repairs in 2016, more than double the previous year.

Appliast repair experts have a lot to say about why it’s such a popular practice, from the simple cost of getting a repair done to the emotional appeal of buying a new appliance.

“I would say it’s one of the reasons people go to the repair shops,” said Robert H. Smith, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Texas-San Antonio.

He added that the average repair cost is $3,400.

But even with a high repair price, there are still plenty of reasons people might not buy a new machine, or a whole line of them.

A survey by the commission found that 85% of the people who got a repair or replacement in 2016 did so because they thought it would be a better value than the new machine.

“A lot of times people just don’t think about it, but it’s an easy way to get a fix,” Smith said.

Another common reason people don’t buy a repair is they think they’ll lose warranty protection.

The commission’s survey found nearly 80% of respondents thought they could not use the warranty if the machine had not been repaired.

Smith said a big problem is that people often buy the repair for one of two reasons.

The first is that they are concerned about their warranty.

The second is because they just don ‘t like having a machine or a line of machines.

“If you buy a machine for your home, you may be concerned about the damage to the home’s walls and floor that could result if you try to install a new one.

When a new or repaired appliance needs to be replaced, you also have to consider the cost of replacement parts.

Some people think the cost is worth it because they like the convenience of getting their repairs done and don’t want to have to pay a service fee for the repair.

But the survey also found that a third of those who bought a repair thought the replacement cost would be higher if it came from a manufacturer.

One of the biggest reasons people didn’t purchase a replacement appliance was because they didn’t know what to expect, according to the survey.

Other factors that came up were the price of the machine, the number of parts needed and whether the machine came with warranty or parts protection.

If a company has a warranty, it might not offer parts protection for the machine or other appliances, Smith said, but the commission said some of those factors were still included in the repair prices.

However, Smith and other experts said consumers shouldn’t rush to buy replacement appliances because some may not work.

There is no data showing that a lot of people are buying replacement appliances to save money, Smith added.

In fact, the survey found that about one-third of the respondents were willing to pay extra for parts protection, but that number may be higher. More: