‘Dans’ appliance repair is not as dangerous as ‘Daniels’

RTE 4.00 News: Dans’ appliances are not as deadly as Daniels’ article “I have a lot of people who work with me.

They have no idea.

I can say, “I’ve had to work with them twice.

And they say, ‘Well, they have no problem, but I’ve had a lot,'” he said.”

And they don’t want to say anything, so they don ‘t tell anyone, but the truth is they have had to do that a number of times.

“Mr Collins said there had been a significant increase in calls to his shop over the last five years, with an average of five a week, and he would not be surprised if the number of people calling had doubled.

He also warned against people using “bizarre” methods of making repairs to appliances.”

We have a certain amount of knowledge, but that knowledge is not being shared and it’s not being used, so people who are trying to make things work, they don [have] a bad idea of how they work.

“I do have a little bit of a bad feeling about people, but it’s a bit of an unknown.”

The ABC contacted Dans for a response but has not received a response.