‘I will take care of my kids’ – Kala in a selfie with his kids

KALIPSPO, Hawaii — For the past six years, Kala Bali has been making sure his kids are getting the best possible care at home.

The mother of two has had a few mishaps along the way, and the latest incident has left her stunned.

“My kids are not getting the care they deserve,” said Kala, whose 6-year-old son was in the hospital Monday morning after he was left unattended for three hours while his mom was out.

She said she was unable to go back to work for the day and that her kids were too scared to go outside.

Kala was at home Sunday evening when she noticed a strange smell coming from her refrigerator.

It was the smell of food, and she said it smelled like mold.

Her children had been sleeping in the same room as her, but Kala said she would never leave them alone there.

They were crying a lot, she said.

“It made me cry, too.

It was so awful.”‘

I will be happy to pay’It is a common scenario for families that don’t have the financial means to take care, Kila said.

But that’s not the case for Kala and her family.

This is Kala’s second child.

She had her first child, a boy, when she was 17.

So Kala is hoping her second child, who was born on May 7, will have the same level of care she has gotten with her first.

What Kala did was to take a picture with the refrigerator, and then posted it on Instagram, asking others to help her.

A few hours later, she was bombarded with requests for help.

Many of her followers had similar concerns about their homes, but some people were also willing to help.

Kala sent the picture to friends and followers and told them to help in any way they could.

People reached out, she wrote.

In less than an hour, Kaila received a flood of support.

More than 300 people, many of whom live in the city of Kona, had sent Kala photos of the refrigerator. 

The image was shared thousands of times and was shared by Kala herself.

‘I’m happy for the people who help me out,’ she said after receiving the outpouring of support from the community.

While Kala didn’t know if the person who shared the picture knew her children, she hoped the photo would help them understand the importance of getting help.

“It’s like a dream come true, to have someone help you,” Kala told KHON-TV.

Some people said they thought it was weird to be posting pictures of a refrigerator that smelled like food to the internet, but many of Kalas Facebook followers and Instagram followers said they had been asking for help in the past, and were willing to take action.

“I feel really happy and really grateful for this,” said Bali, who works as a public relations consultant.

As a woman, she doesn’t understand why she has to put up with this, she added.

“I don’t understand how this is allowed to happen.”‘

It’s sad and it’s horrible’While Kila says she’s grateful for the outpourings of support, she says she won’t be doing anything about it.

Bali has posted several times about the smell in her refrigerator and posted about it on Facebook, but said she won�t be doing any more to help Kala.

When she got home from work Monday, Kalla noticed a few of her kids had left their room to play in the living room, which is where Kala normally sleeps.

One of the kids was sleeping on her lap, while the other one was sleeping in a chair, she posted.

After Kala got home, she saw her kids and the mother were eating dinner in the kitchen.

Two minutes later, Kals mother saw the smell and called her.

The mother told Kals children that they had left the refrigerator alone, but the kids refused to go to sleep and kept crying, Kali said.

The children were then called to the hospital, Kils mother said.

When Kals mom came back from the hospital the next day, she learned the kids were still not sleeping, Kalis mother said, but it wasn’t until after Kals husband went home that Kals kids started to sleep.

Kals family and Kals boyfriend came to the home and the kids slept together for about two hours.

“They were so quiet, and when I saw them sleeping together, I was really shocked,” Kals parent said.

“But they had a big smile on their face and that’s how they were, that was just their face.” ‘