‘All-in-one’ appliances, TV sets, computers for rent from BSkyB

BSkyFone has announced that it is introducing a new service offering the use of the BSkyR brand of appliance repair services. 

BSkyB is a network of around 10,000 appliance repair centres that are run by manufacturers to supply their products and services to their customers.

The new BSkyC brand is the first to be offered by the network.

The service, which is similar to BSkyS’s appliance repair, will be offered through a partnership with BSky and has a price point of £99.00 per month, which includes the use-of-package (UTP) discount.

The BSkyM brand of service is available for rent through BSky’s online portal, and the service is also priced at £100 per month. 

The BSpice brand of services will be available through BSpices online portal.

BSpicys aim is to provide the highest level of customer service, providing a customer with all the tools and support they need to get the job done. 

According to BSpics website, the service will be free for anyone that signs up and the price will be £75 per month and includes the UTP discount. 

A number of BSpiys existing customers have said that they feel that the new BSpiced service is the best way to find a reliable and fast appliance repair service in London. 

To find out more about BSpicity, visit their website or follow their Twitter account.