Nissan NV200 EV has an air-conditioning problem

Nissan has announced that the new EV, the Nissan NV 200, will be able to get air-cooled during the winter months thanks to a clever new cooling system.

The car will also get the new cooling technology in a number of other areas, including the cabin and the battery.

Nissan’s announcement was made in a video posted to its website, where it showed a Nissan NV 400 that was running at full capacity and had air-con running, along with the new NV200.

The Nissan NV400 has a new air-compressor system that will allow the EV to run longer, cool faster and offer more cooling than a similar model.

It’s not clear how this will affect battery power, however.

The new air intake is made of a high-strength steel alloy and weighs just over 3.5kg.

It features two vents, one in the front and one at the back of the car.

The air intake uses a “squeak ring” design that reduces air pressure when the car is parked, making it easier to cool and maintain.

It also has a “blower” design to cool the air when the battery is charging.

The air intake also features two smaller vents that open when the EV is moving.

One of these vents, which will be located on the front of the NV200, is located at the base of the roof.

This vent is designed to be open when a fan is running.

The other vent is located in the rear of the Nissan.

The vents have a single vent, which allows the air to flow into the car when the batteries are charging.

This design reduces airflow and provides a more efficient cooling.

The cooling system will be installed on the NV 200 as well.

The Nissan NV 300 EV will also use the same air-coil system as the Nissan, and it will also be able get air cooled during the winters.

The NV 200 is expected to be unveiled on October 23.