When will the PS4 Pro arrive?

The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro arrives in stores on October 24, 2017.

If you’re planning on buying the console, we’re here to help you with the setup.

The PS4 is expected to ship with the latest 4K support, and some people are already saying it’ll arrive with a new console dock and HDMI-out port.

We know the PlayStation 4 will come with a 1080p display and that the dock will be able to connect to the PS Vita for streaming video.

The PS4 may also come with its own HDMI port, and we’ve heard rumors of a PS4 TV box.

But you can also expect the PS3 Pro to be the first PS4 to support HDMI.

The specs aren’t known, but it’s likely the console will support 4K at 60Hz, which means that if you have a 1080i TV you can stream your games to it.

If you don’t want to wait for a PS3 console to arrive, the PSN Store is also offering an early launch discount on PS4 consoles.

The price of the PS5 Pro is $599, while the PS6 Pro is only $599.

If we go with that price, the Pro will cost you $549.

That’s a lot cheaper than the PS 4 Pro’s current $699 price tag.

There are also reports that the PSVR may be coming to the console.

The headset, which lets players wear virtual reality glasses and look around while immersed in VR, is expected at launch.

We’re also told that the headset will be a PlayStation VR exclusive.

The PlayStation 4 is expected on October 25.