NFL Players: I’m not the first NFL player to sue over equipment repair

The NFL Players Association is filing a lawsuit against the league’s commissioner and the National Football League Players Association for failing to adequately address its equipment repair program, according to multiple reports.

In a statement released Tuesday, the players’ union said that it had “identified and initiated a thorough investigation” into the “lack of compliance” with the league, which has not made any public comment on the lawsuit.

The union, which is currently suing the league for $2 billion over alleged safety concerns related to head-to-head hits on players, says that the NFL has not adequately addressed the problem since 2012.

The statement from the players says that in February 2016, the union informed Commissioner Roger Goodell of its findings and he agreed to take action against the NFL.

The NFL has been under investigation since January for its handling of head-and-shoulders-topping hits on quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and for failing the league in its response to the allegations.

The league has been fined more than $5 million for its players not complying with the new head-hitting rule and the NFLPA has been sued over the same.