What to know about appliance repair in Boise, Idaho

I had a great time at a Boise, ID antique store.

The owner told me about her husband who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and was on his way to be cremated.

The next day I was out shopping for a new bedding set when I came across a small appliance repair shop.

I had seen a number of similar repair shops in Boise over the years, but nothing like this one. 

It was the perfect opportunity to see if the owner had been around before I went to see her, so I booked my appointment with a day at the shop, and waited for the first day of work. 

My friend was already there and had already gotten in touch with the owner.

She explained that she was retired and had been out of town for a while.

She was hoping to work on an old stove. 

The next morning we met and she showed me how the old stove was made.

I took a closer look and noticed that the inside of the stove was covered in paint. 

As the owner explained, the stove had been repaired for over 20 years.

She then showed me the stove’s plumbing, which was covered with a yellow tape. 

We discussed how the owner thought the stove would be a good place to start.

She said that there were several people who had used the stove in the past, and that they had been very kind to it.

She told me that she had heard from a lot of people about the stove and wanted to be helpful to them. 

She also showed me her phone number and I was invited to check out the stove.

I decided to spend the afternoon with her and see how she worked. 

Before we started the day, I asked her if she knew if I could take my camera with me.

She laughed and said that she couldn’t, but she could show me around. 

I showed her the stove, then took her to the stove itself. 

When we were inside, I started by putting the stove on the stovetop, which is the center of the shop. 

Next, I put the stove back on the side, which I also did. 

Then I turned the stove upside down, and the side was now the bottom of the fire pit. 

At the bottom, I turned up the heat a little. 

After a while, I had to turn the heat up a little more. 

From there, I took her out to the kitchen, where she took my camera out. 

Once the fire was going, I placed the camera on the hotplate. 

Below the heatplate, I found a small sink. 

Here, I was able to use the kitchen sink as a wash basin and put the camera down to take pictures of the floor. 

There was a little pot of water on the other side of the sink, so we did some cleaning and went back to work.

After a couple of minutes of work, we cleaned up and put it back on, and started cleaning the stove again. 

This time, I wanted to see what was inside.

I looked around the stove while I was taking pictures, and found a little lamp in the center. 

With the stove set on the heat, I pulled the lamp and placed it on the pot. 

Finally, I went back into the stove to put some finishing touches on the heater. 

While the stove heat was heating up, I checked the oven. 

A few minutes later, I looked back at the stove so I could see what had happened. 

Since the stove is on the outside of the oven, I could use the oven to heat up some water to wash dishes, which the oven was designed to do. 

Unfortunately, the oven had not been turned on yet, so the water was only halfway to boiling. 

Luckily, the water had reached a boil, so it was a nice warm bath. 

But this was not the end of the troubles. 

Several hours after the oven turned on, the steam was getting to the burner. 

If I hadn’t been careful, I might have caught a small fire inside the stove! 

I quickly cleaned the stove with water and then used a lighter to burn off some of the steam. 

To finish the job, I cleaned the interior and put in a new lid. 

On top of the old lid, I attached the new one.