Aussie appliances repair company Aussie appliance repair company opens in Brisbane

Brisbane, Queensland – Aussie Appliance Repair Company (AARC) has opened its doors in Brisbane.AARC is a manufacturer and distributor of quality appliances in Australia, including brand new and used appliances.

A new location has been set up at the Westfield West Brisbane Hotel and Conference Centre.AARCO is a new franchise with a focus on the high end of the appliance market.

The franchise will operate in Brisbane from January 2018.

AARC has already been able to supply products to several major retail chains including Westfield, Walmart, and Costco.

The company is also known for supplying products to some of the most successful restaurants in Australia including Bistro Le Bernardin and the Michelin-starred restaurant, La Chinoise.AARP’s Senior Executive Officer of Business Development, David Pugh, said AARC’s new location was ideal for our brand, and would help us provide our customers with a range of high quality appliances.

“As the Australian industry continues to see record-breaking growth in our supply chain, we believe that we can offer our customers an alternative solution for the home appliance needs they have in the Greater Brisbane region,” Mr Pugh said.AEMO Executive Director of Retail, Tom Smith, said the brand’s new facility will offer customers an affordable and innovative solution.”AARC’s location in Brisbane is a great opportunity for us to further expand our brand presence and meet the growing demand for our quality products,” Mr Smith said.

The new location will also be the AEMO’s first in Queensland and will be in the heart of the Brisbane CBD, and will provide a convenient outlet for our customers in the CBD, along with our retail stores and the AARP Retail Centre.