‘I was just trying to help’: Mom of dead girl’s dad says she is ‘absolutely’ not guilty

JIM MALVEAUX, The Times Of India (Updated: 09:03pm)  NEW DELHI: The parents of the deceased girl who went missing in November 2016 say they are “absolutely” not guilty of killing her mother. 

The court in Fargo, Fargo, Minnesota, ruled on Wednesday that the parents had not committed the “ultimate heinous act” for which they face up to life in prison.

The family of the 23-year-old mother, who disappeared after returning home from work, filed the civil lawsuit against the parents on Monday.

The case is expected to go to trial next month.

The parents of Karla Malveaux, who vanished in November last year, filed a civil suit against their parents, saying they were not guilty and “will vigorously defend” their right to seek damages.

They were seeking to force their parents to testify.

Karla was last seen in Vestavia Hills, Fargo in November 2015, when she returned home after working on her own.

Her parents told police that she went to their house and left with them in the back of their vehicle.

In the lawsuit, the parents alleged that Karla was never seen again, and their son and his friends claimed they heard noises at home.

The lawsuit said that the parents did not get a call from Karla in November and December, when they thought she might have gone to work.

They did not receive any calls from her again, the lawsuit said.

Karlela’s parents had a home security system and told police it was not working on the night of November 22.

They also claimed that Karlela did not use a cell phone or leave any evidence behind.

The parents also claimed the family had been warned by police that their daughter was missing before she disappeared, but the police were not notified of the warning.

In addition, the parents said they had been told by the police that they could be charged if they reported their daughter missing. 

They also alleged that the police had not told them about the search for Karla’s body.

The families also said they did not know the whereabouts of Karin Malavich, who went to a nearby park to pick up a package in November.

They said they also did not hear from her until December 22, the day after she went missing.

In Foley County District Court on Tuesday, Judge Jeffrey Eriksen ruled that the family of Michael Malavich had no standing to seek a jury trial.

He said Karla and Karen Malavichi’s testimony could not be used against them.

“It is the parents’ only defense and it is only to present their own version of the events and their version of events as described by them,” he said. 

Michael’s mother, Susan Malavicich, also called for a jury to be convened.

“They did not kill Karla Malavicz.

They killed her.

They have to go through a trial, and I think that’s the only way that’s going to be the right way,” she said.

The judge added that the Malavics had been “very cooperative” with police in their investigation and had provided police with information that helped in their pursuit. 

Karlella was last reported missing by her father, Michael Malaviche, at 2:30pm on November 22, 2016. 

Police initially said that the two had been walking in a rural area in Fargo when they spotted the car of a man, who had gone into a nearby business, Kearnhardt’s Coffee. 

Investigators said they later learned the man had also been drinking and that he had dropped off a package.They said the driver of the car, who was not identified, then pulled over and walked to the side of the road where the vehicle was parked.

The Malavices told police the driver got out of the vehicle and opened the car door and drove off. 

A short time later, they heard a car alarm and called 911. 

Authorities said the alarm was triggered after a burglar entered the vehicle and pulled a gun from his waistband. 

 The driver of a silver and blue Ford F250 pickup truck that the officers had seen leaving the business in the early hours of the morning found the vehicle abandoned on the side and had no idea what had happened to it, the police said.

The car was then towed away.

Police later said they found Karla, who they described as a Caucasian woman, lying in the snow outside the business, wearing a black t-shirt, black shorts and white tennis shoes.

Police said they recovered a small number of items from the vehicle including a black ski mask, gloves, a hat and a plastic bag containing a green plastic bag, according to court documents. 

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