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  • How to repair an Elite appliance in less than an hour

    There’s nothing worse than trying to install a new Elite Appliance when you have no idea what you need to do and no experience with what you already have.This article will help you figure out exactly how to repair a new, Elite Appliances in less time than an afternoon.There are a few different ways you […]

  • The next generation of appliance repair has arrived: Cone appliances

    Cone Appliance Repair is an appliance repair and restoration company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.The company has been operating since 1997, and is currently one of the fastest growing companies in the Canadian market.Cone Appliances specializes in both appliance repair services and general maintenance of your home.They specialize in all types of home appliances, […]

  • Watch: What You Need To Know About Appliance Repair in California

    In the last three years, the number of states that have enacted a statewide law requiring manufacturers to install and maintain a repair manual has doubled.But while most states now require all repair technicians to undergo training, only three require technicians to pass a background check.Some states also require repair shops to have a full-time […]

  • SAC Capital: How much does it cost to install a new refrigerator?

    The price of a new fridge is on the rise.But how much does the equipment you need to get your new fridge installed cost?It’s unclear, especially for those new to the market.But one of the cheapest refrigerators in the market is a $100 refrigerator by a company called SAC.The price is more than double the […]

  • A complete guide to replacing appliances

    The most important question to ask before replacing your home’s appliances is how old are they?And what kind of problems do they pose?The best answers will depend on the kind of appliance you’re replacing and the type of damage you’re experiencing.Here’s what you need to know about different types of appliances and their repair options.First […]

  • How to fix your broken appliance

    How to get a new appliance repaired quickly, cheaply, and safely.This article was originally published on The Next Tech and was republished here with permission.Follow Tech Insider:Twitter: @TechInsider Facebook: TechInsiderInstagram: Tech Insider Snapchat: Tech Insiders

  • How to replace your dishwasher after it’s been damaged

    I bought a dishwasher last year.And I don’t mean just any dishwasher.I’m talking the brand new dishwasher I got a year ago, the one that had the new, more powerful processor, the touch screen and even the new water-heater.But it was my new one, so I was super excited.And then the next day, I woke […]

  • What to know about appliance repair in Boise, Idaho

    I had a great time at a Boise, ID antique store.The owner told me about her husband who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and was on his way to be cremated.The next day I was out shopping for a new bedding set when I came across a small appliance repair shop.I had seen a […]

  • How to fix a slow appliance repair

    The following is a step by step guide to fixing a slow repair, or failing appliance.If you don’t know how to fix your appliance, you may be wondering why you should care about this article.This article is about repairing a slow, non-working, or unreliable appliance.The steps listed below are generally easy, and the results are […]

  • Eagle Appliance Repair: Why You Should Consider an Ace Appliance in Hawaii

    By Alex KohnPublished Aug 07, 2018 07:21:17While the most common problems with Eagle Appliances in Hawaii are a short circuit, faulty electrical connections and incorrect installation instructions, they’re not the only ones.The average Eagle Appliant Repair will cost you between $800 and $900, depending on your needs.If you have an older Eagle Appliants, the repairs […]

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